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Finding a New Home For Our Hindu Community

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

NBHC's efforts from 2019 going into the spring of 2020 focused on purchasing a property that would serve both the Sonoma and Marin County Hindu communities. Two serious opportunities arose - one in Blackpoint, Novato and another in Cotati. While these properties would have been suitable for our needs, NBHC came to the conclusion that the prudent approach to take would be to initially rent a site. That being said, going through the exercise helped provide us with a better idea of the process and cost. Subsequently, a rental property in Novato became available that would have functionally met our requirements but was not central and was no longer a need due to Covid.

To be clear about our goals, the following would be requirements of a future NBHC rental site:

  • Proximity Petaluma is our focus since it is ideally located in the center of the North Bay to serve both Marin and Sonoma Counties

  • Simple Permit Process Low barrier to applying for and obtaining a Customized Use Permit (CUP) for a religious and cultural center

  • Accessibility and ease of parking

  • Reasonable costs Monthly rental, operational, priest salary costs that range between $10-12K per month (approximately $120K-144K per year)

Having a local community center and temple is vitally important to bringing the community together in many ways. It is a place for religious and spiritual services, classes, lectures and talks, youth programs, cultural events and volunteering opportunities that help the community and provide an experience for this generation and for generations to come.. The North Bay Hindu Center will be a place of the community, by the community, in order to transform and serve the community.

Help Us Meet Our Goal and Donate $50 Now


Over the past 3 years, apart from one-time donations and fundraising events like Sanskriti, we have had about 15 to 20 families who have been recurring donors contributing on a monthly basis in amounts ranging from $31 to $101 a month. We are thankful to these donors for standing by us even through these adverse times. Their contributions have helped position NBHC towards its goal of renting and eventually buying a property.

To date, we have been able to raise money to just about cover a year's worth of rent and operating expenses with a priest. At this time, assuming that circumstances will improve, the NBHC committee is working towards securing a rental property by mid-2021 and operating without a full time priest. We will need to operate prudently this way for some time and continue to raise funds for a future purchase, with a full-time priest dedicated to the temple.


As this year ends, our goal is two-fold:

  1. Recruit at least 50 families to become recurring donors with a pledge to support for 3 years

  2. Raise $25,000. Raising this amount by the end of year will help strengthen the reserves and build up our membership base as we head into 2021.

During this season of giving, will you consider helping us meet our goal by making a tax-deductible donation to your community temple?


Please use this link to donate through our website:

Alternatively, you may send a check favoring NBHC and mail it to:

227 Devon Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903

Your contribution would be greatly appreciated and end the year on an auspicious note.

-NBHC Committee

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