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2020 NBHC Review

2020. What an emotionally trying and difficult year this has been! Our way of life was challenged by disease, natural disaster and division this year, with mass protests, shelter-in-place orders, school closures, emergency rooms filled to capacity, businesses forced to shut down, North Bay fires, and families separating. But we learned about our interdependence as a society: that what each one of us does, affects everyone around us.

2020 brought into focus our deep divisions and failings as a society but it also brought into focus our ability to adapt to new situations. As our children could no longer attend school, we scaled technology to reinvent education. With each hospital bed being occupied, we resolved to socially distance and wear masks. Seeing the fires affect our brothers and sisters in Sonoma County reinforced what we already knew: we are not two counties but one community.

This past year has also seen the North Bay Hindu Center and our community at-large turn adversity into opportunity. Though we could no longer meet as a North Bay Hindu community, we adapted to this new normal by bringing the community to your mobile and laptop through our new website and virtual events! While 2020 has focused on virtual participation in festivals and community events, our additional focus in 2021 will be to find a new, in-person home. Eventually, we will want to learn, chant, pray, sing, play instruments and dance together. Before 2020 comes to a close, please consider a tax-deductible donation to NBHC to help us achieve this goal in 2021.

Will You Consider a $50 Donation Now to Support NBHC?

The following is a review of the

but more importantly, it also focuses on our efforts to pursue

-NBHC Committee

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