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Saturday March 9 (6-8 PM)
Classical Indian Music Comes to
the Heart of Sonoma
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shiva sandhya_edited.jpg

The North Bay Hindu Center is proud to present our Spring Cultural Program (VASANT SANSKRITI) titled SHIVA SANDHYA on Saturday, March 9, 2024 from 6 to 8 PM at the Finley Community Center in Santa Rosa. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere as we pay homage to the rich heritage of the Indian Performing Arts. Witness captivating and soul-stirring performances by the premier professional musicians of the Ali Akbar College of Music.

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Durga Statue

Śrī Shakti Temple OPEN EVERY SAT and SUN
from 5:30 TO 7:30 PM 

Festival of Color

Interested in Bala Vihar + Adult
religious + cultural classes?
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Ganesh Pooja

NBHC is collecting ideas to formulate next steps 

Click here to share your ideas, or your offer to volunteer. NBHC plans to come directly to the community with your feedback and work together on a path forward

Phase 1 Rental Complete

Help us raise funds for Phase 2

The North Bay Hindu Center has pursued a Community Center and Temple site since its inception. Watch the video to see how we have implemented a 3-phase approach.



What does it mean to be Hindu?
What is the history of Hinduism in America?
How do we reclaim our identity?

This talk leads up to the ultimate resolve moving forward, which is to reclaim our Hindu identity and outlines a foundation to achieve this.


Ultimately, the goal is take this diverse knowledge, apply it practically to our lives and move forward with a unified vision of Hinduism. Watch the first session above.

Volunteer for

Temple Operations

The Temple is operated through volunteer efforts. We need volunteers to operate the temple every Sunday. Volunteer would need to open the temple, setup, perform arthi, distribute prasadam, cleanup and close the temple. Prasadam can be fruits/nuts etc or can be a vegetarian food item of individual's choice. Setup and cleanup typically take about 15 minutes each. Please consider signing up.

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