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NBHC offers Hindi class at temple

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The North Bay Hindu Center is excited to offer a 10-week introductory Hindi class at the temple, led by Sunil Tiwari and a dedicated team of volunteer teachers.

Course Brief

Course Length: Ten weeks

Registration Cost: $100 per student

Dates: Saturdays 5-6 PM from July 27 to October 5 (no class on August 31 due to Labor Day weekend)

Class meets: Once a week (1 hour session)

Location: Śrī Shakti Temple, 220 Stanley St., Petaluma, CA

Age: 8+

No prerequisite: No prior knowledge or exposure is expected

Expectation: Regular attendance, In-class participation, 2 hours per week practice at home (homework)


  • Conversation using small sentences (Ex: My name is Shyam. What is your name? My father’s name is Vasudev. My mother’s name is Devaki. We live in Petaluma. etc.)

  • Common phrases (pardon me, no-way, how exciting! See you later etc.) and words.

  • Write your name

  • Identify (not read or write) Hindi Alphabets (Swar – Vyanjan = स्वर – व्यंजन = Vowels - Consonents) from a chart or a table.

Registration Form and Deadline

Registration is due by July 17. Please fill out the following form. A payment link will be provided in a subsequent email. Please be on the lookout for this email and make prompt payment in order to be considered officially registered.

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