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The Earth Speaks: Sat April 22

The Earth Speaks is a dance, music, spoken word presentation raising awareness on climate change. It is presented by SAMUDRA DANCE CREATIONS in association with the NORTH BAY HINDU CENTER on:

Saturday, April 22

6 to 7:30 PM

Marin Showcase Theater

This event has been 3 years in the making and delayed due to COVID. One of the most important tenets of NBHC is the focus on the Indian classical performing arts. Not only does this show exhibit such arts, but it does so in the most unique way and for one of the most important issues of our lifetime - the climate crisis.

NBHC is proud to bring you the creative vision of JYOTSNA VAIDEE of SAMUDRA DANCE CREATIONS, with original music by SNIGHDA VENKATARAMANI.

Tickets can be purchased directly on the Marin Center website and are $25 / $30 in addition to standard fees.

Join us for what will be a truly inspiring event. Make sure to spread the word to your friends and family.


Samudra Dance Creations is proud to announce the return of “The Earth Speaks 2.0”, directed and choreographed by Jyotsna Vaidee. This family-friendly production, presented by Samudra Dance Creations, features a cast of 5 professional dancers, 1 poet and 6 professional musicians from both Indian classical and western classical genres. “The Earth Speaks 2.0” is an evening-length odyssey, a multi disciplinary work with dance-music-spoken word poetry; raising awareness on climate change.

After the success of the inaugural production in 2019, which was Nominated for the prestigious Isadora Duncan Award for Outstanding Company Performance; the Earth Speaks 2.0 returns on a 5 city tour from April 2023 to September 2023. The Samudra ensemble is working tirelessly to re-investigate and bring this show to life. We are excited to kick off our first show on April 22, 2023 6PM at the Marin Showcase Theater.

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