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Sunil Tiwari - Living Donor Appeal

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

POINT OF CLARIFICATION: UCSF will pay for eligible donors to confirm their blood type at Labcorp if their application is approved

NBHC is reaching out to our community for help and outreach on behalf of the Tiwari Family. Sunil Tiwari is seeking help for a LIVING DONOR liver transplant and we hope that we can help him and his family at this time of need. We are also sharing a letter penned by Sunil explaining his situation:

Sunil Tiwari - Appeal
Download PDF • 269KB

The family has asked us to clarify 2 important things: 1. Not contacting the Tiwari Family only applies to any individual who is considering being a donor. Everyone else can contact them for more info directly. 2. The most likely solution sought is a living donor liver transplant (type A or O). Details are in the letter shared earlier, and applies to a much wider range of potential living matches

If you know anyone interested to help with their partial liver LIVING DONOR transplant, please have them contact and mention Sunil's full name (Sunil Tiwari) and DOB (01/15/1964):

Finesse Louie, RN, BSN, PHN, CCTC Living Liver Donor Transplant Coordinator UCSF Medical Center Liver Transplant Service Office line: 415-518-7163

The following video from UCSF explains the process and what it means to be a LIVING DONOR.

The Best Option for Patients with Advanced Liver Disease

We hope that you will keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers and help with this request. Even if you are not able to volunteer as a donor, please help by spreading the word to anyone you know who might be a fit. There is someone who will be a fit for Sunil and we just have to find him/her. Let's join hands as a community to make this happen for Sunil and his family.

Thank you

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