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NBHC Rama Navami Bhajan + Chanting - Sat April 1

Please join us this Saturday, April 1 at 6 PM at the Śrī Shakti Temple to celebrate the occasion of Rama Navami. This short program will be precided by Pandit Viswanathan and include:

  • Chanting by our Lalita Sahasranama / Vishnu Sahasranama chanting group, who will recite the Rama Sahasranama Stotram

  • Bhajan Session

  • Aarti

  • You are welcome to arrive early as the temple opens at 5 PM

Program Info:

  • Where? Śrī Shakti Temple

  • When? Chanting / Bhajan will be from 6 to 7 PM, followed by Aarti at 7 PM

  • Sponsorship - please refer to our sponsorship board at the temple

  • RSVP not required. Please join us and bring friends / family.

Baby Rama is a painting by Vijayann Rajasabai

Please bring your friends and family this Saturday.

Hari ॐ

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