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Meet Vaadhya Vidhyaalayam

Meet Vaadhya Vidhyaalayam, who will be performing live at Sanskriti on March 26.

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Vaadhya Vidhyaalayam Academy of Strings and Rhythm was established in the Bay area in the year 2015 by Guru Smt. Sandhya Srinath, who teaches violin and Guru Sri. Srinath Bala who teaches mridangam. The school is a part of the Jayamangala school, a 501c organisation in Maryland, USA. Jayamangala just completed 30 years of service, and the school released an online video with 30 instrument performers in December 2021 as a Vaadhya Vrinda ensemble. The school trains many students and actively performs at various local temples, music organisations and fundraiser events. 

As part of Sanskriti, the North Bay Hindu Center is proud and thrilled to present Vaadhya Vidhyaalayam as part of our program.

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