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Jayanti Week - Narasimha, Kurma, Buddha, Narada

Updated: 19 hours ago

This week, we celebrate the Jayanti (birth anniversary) and invoke the blessings of:

  • Narasimha - fourth avatar of Vishnu, a part-lion, part-man being who slayed Hiranyakashipu to end religious persecution and calamity on earth, thereby restoring dharma.

  • Kurma - second avatar of Vishnu, depicted in the water holding up Mount Mandāra, chosen as a churning rod upon which Vishnu himself is seated.

  • Buddha - a transformative spiritual master and teacher of Dharma, also considered to be an avatar by some, who founded the teachings that formed the basis of Buddhism (this particular day is called Buddha Purnima since it falls on the full moon)

  • Narada Muni - one of the mind-born children of Brahma, referred to as the king of sages by some, a traveling musician and storyteller, carrying news and wisdom to all, and often depicted accompanying Vishnu on his descent to Earth

The above dates are based on the lunar calendar, so although they always occur in close proximity to each other, the Gregorian dates vary by year.

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