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Echoes of the Divine - Javali - Bharatnatyam Dance

Echoes of Divine celebrates Krishna through spoken word, song and dance. This is the third part - dance - through the talent of Anisha Ramakrishna Yarlapati.

Piece: Javali

Ragam: Kamas

Thalam: Adi Thalam

Language: Telugu

Composer: Shri Mysore Vasudevacharya

Dance Choreography: Gurus Dr. Shridhar and Smt. Anuradha Sridhar 


Upon seeing her beloved Lord Krishna upset with her, the Nayika asks "Oh Lord, what is the reason for your anger? You are the all-knowing God. Do you not know how much I love you?"


Anisha commenced her training in Bharatanatyam under the keen tutelage of her first guru Guru Smt. Poornima Ashok and continued her artistic studies under the world-renowned dance couple Gurus Karnataka Kalasri Dr. Shridhar and Smt. Anuradha Shridhar, Directors of Khechara Academy of Bharatanatyam for over 15 years. During her arangetram, senior artists, Guru Smt. Kalamandalam Usha Datar and Sangeethakalarathna Prof. Mysore V. Subramanya spoke glowingly of her fluid grace, vibrant sense of abhinaya and innate sense of rhythm. Anisha has performed extensively as a core member of Khechara’s performing ensemble and an assistant faculty. Khechara Academy acted as a nurturing ground for Anisha’s holistic development and the Shridhars groomed her to understand and appreciate the essence of the art, the technical aspects and the rich cultural heritage. 


Anisha is privileged to continue her artistic pursuit under an accomplished guru and mentor Shri. Sheejith Krishna, Director, Sahrdaya Foundation, Chennai with whom she is currently expanding her horizons in the approach to aesthetic movements and dance vocabulary.  She has been fortunate to observe and learn from abhinaya exponent Acharya Smt. Indira Kadambi. Anisha also studies the scholarly aspects of Bharatanatyam and vast intricacies of the Natyashastra through the guidance of Shri. Arjun Bharadwaj. She is also intensively trained in the Navarasa Sadhana actor training module under Koodiyattam exponent Sri G Venu. Recently, she has been awarded the title ‘Nrithyavilasini’ by Nrithyathi Kalakshethram, Bhilai. Owing to her training in Carnatic vocal under Guru Rajappa M, Anisha has a good sense of melody that helps connect her to the pieces she performs at a deeper level. She is currently based in the Bay Area, where she presents solo performances and collaborates with other dance companies.


Anisha holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from PESIT, Bangalore and a Master’s degree in Engineering Management from Duke University and is a passionate Technical Program Manager at SAP. She strongly believes that self-discipline and design-approach from the sciences enhances her aesthetics in dance. Similarly the artistic qualities of empathy, ability to adapt to change and yearning to be a life-longer learner help her navigate her corporate career. Arts give her the greatest sense of happiness and satisfaction and she hopes to be on a path of perpetual introspection and exploration in life.

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