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Apr 6 - Wellness Yatra

Updated: Apr 3


NBHC welcomes the community for the inaugural Wellness Yatra - Spring Community Walk on Saturday, April 6 in Petaluma. Join us as we welcome in the new Spring season with a walk through Petaluma that starts at Prince Park and ends at the Śrī Shakti Temple with a planned Shiva Abhishekam on a rotating basis.

IMPORTANT - Please note that participation in this walk will require registration.

PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP ON SATURDAY WITHOUT REGISTERING BY THURSDAY. Preparations for our volunteer group as well as for food accommodations require a deadline.

Schedule - ARRIVE ON TIME!

3:30, 4, 5:30 PM Various start times depending on start location

5:30 PM Shiva Abhishekam begins on rotating basis with Aarti

7:15 PM Alangaram and Maha Mangalarathi

Start time depends on which location you signed up for. Check your registration for the proper address and time. Please be on time! The Shiva Abhishekam will start at 5:30 PM and occur through 7:15 PM. Aarti will be done every 15 minutes so everyone has a chance to participate. At 7:15 PM we will perform Alangaram and Maha Mangalarathi.


The trail from Prince Park to the Śrī Shakti Temple will follow the Lynch Creek Trail path up to the Waterfront have several key points, allowing our community members the option to participate in a long, medium and short walk at specific times.


Trail Information (all addresses are in Petaluma):

  • 3:30 PM - Prince Park, 2301 E Washington St. (3 miles) 

  • 4:00 PM - Lucchesi Park, 320 N McDowell Blvd. (2 miles) 

  • 5:30 PM - Waterfront, 260 Water Street (parking at Grocery Outlet on 80 E Washington St)

Destination - Śrī Shakti Temple, 220 Stanley Street

Parking is available in all three trail location addresses. There will be signs on the trail to help with directions to the temple. Additionally, there will be shuttles available from the Temple back to the parking lots for participants. 

Please dress comfortably and be prepared for rain or shine. We suggest you dress with comfortable walking shoes, have an umbrella or rain jacket, and carry a water bottle. There will be volunteers on the trail with emergency items such as a first aid kit and water bottles. 

Please be respectful of others sharing the trail.

See you on Saturday, April 6!

Few Common Questions on the Wellness Yatra:

  1. Will we have markers on the trail path to guide? Yes, we will have chalk arrows on the trail.

  2. Will we have volunteers on the path? How to identify? Yes, we will have bike patrols along the way to guide. They will be wearing pink or blue T-shirts with Sri Shakti Temple name tags.

  3. Will devotees need to wait till the end of Abhishekam at the temple to be dropped off? No, the first two vans will start between 6:00 and 6:15 PM depending on the number of devotees. All the vans will stop at the three pickup points.

  4. Can I opt out from the pictures that may be shared in social media? Yes, Volunteers will not be taking pictures of participants during the walk.

  5. Are Pets allowed on the walk? Yes, pets are allowed as long as the Petaluma leash laws are followed. However, pets are not allowed inside the temple. Pets will be accommodated for the ride back to the starting point

For additional questions please contact

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