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Manga Fruit Basket Bahasa Indonesia



Fruit Basket (Nintendo DS) Fruit Basket is a role-playing video game developed by Eipix Entertainment and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS in Japan. A version for the PlayStation Portable was released on March 15, 2008 in Japan, and worldwide on July 25, 2009. The game includes the four main characters that were featured in the anime, along with several others as side characters. It also includes the original Japanese version of the game's soundtrack, along with voices by the same cast as in the anime's. Summary The game follows the story of Fuku Asui, who is a second-year middle school student in Makioka Academy. One day during spring break, the game begins as he sees a mysterious figure that resembles the Goddess Amaterasu emerging from the ground in his hometown. When it is revealed that she is in fact the legendary "Legendary Maiden of the Land of the Sun", he is determined to travel with her. As he begins the journey with the legendary goddess, he learns of the seven goddesses of the seven islands: Rei, Minako, Hinata, Otsuchi, Kyoko, Tsurugi, and Ame. When he arrives to the island of Kitaru, he finds himself in a parallel world. Here, he is asked to follow a number of tasks. While searching for the "Tsubaki clan", the descendants of Amaterasu, he meets by chance with Shima, who tells of the events that led to the present state of the world. After much exploration, he discovers the Goddess Amaterasu's final resting place, and is able to reunite with her, and together they travel to the real world. Afterwards, he returns to the parallel world, where he is appointed as the god of peace, Tsubaki, and creates the fairy world of Aoi, where the original Amaterasu lives. There, he decides to live happily with Tsubaki. The game is a role-playing video game. As the player progresses through the game, they are presented with situations in which they need to make decisions. The story revolves around a fantasy world called Aoi where the player and the four Goddesses are sent to make moral choices within a storyline. In this game, the player has the possibility of playing as either one of the Goddesses, or selecting from the four main characters, including the new characters of Eko and Minako-kun. After making their choices, the player chooses which of their available characters



Manga Fruit Basket Bahasa Indonesia

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