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NBHC needs to fill new roles

NBHC needs have grown dramatically ever since COVID-19 affected our entire community. Especially with the new digital landscape that has become everyone's reality, there are multiple new needs that require additional bandwidth.

The following is a list of roles and responsibilities that we would like new volunteers to take up in the coming weeks and months. If you are interested or know anyone who is interested, please send an email to

Roles with responsibilities:

Website Manager

  • General Edits

  • Media Page Updates

Video Editor

  • Event Video Content Management / Organizing

  • Event Video Editing (Culture Shows)

  • YouTube publishing + copyright checks

  • Ongoing Video Editing (e.g. GLP)

Blog Editor

  • Blog posting

  • Blog writing

E-mail Manager

  • Email Content

  • Email Structural Setup + Send

Other Marketing

  • whatsapp content + notification

  • facebook content + posting

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