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Monthly Ganesha Abhishekam - Sat May 6

This coming Saturday, May 6, NBHC invites you to celebrate the collective jayanti (birth anniversary) of Narasimha, Kurma, Buddha and Narada by invoking the blessings of Ganesha as we conduct the following monthly abhishekam:

Ganesha Abhishekam Śrī Shakti Temple

5:30 PM

This is not a ticketed event. ALL are welcome to come and get the blessings of Ganesha.

If you would like to sponsor the abhishekam, we encourage a suggested donation of $71. If you would like to donate any further amount to the temple, you are welcome to do so separately. Any dakshina for the priest can be provided separately as well in person. The puja will be performed by Pandit Viswanathan Gurukkal.

Regardless of the amount, please visit our donation page to submit your offering:

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