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Meet Shanmukha Theaters and Sanskaar School of Dance

Meet Shanmukha Theaters and Sanskaar School of Dance, who will be performing live at Sanskriti on March 26.

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Shanmukha Theaters is a California Non-Profit Dance founded in 2017, with the objective mission to perpetuate, integrate, and assimilate the cultural heritage of the Indian diaspora in North America.  Accomplished artists and students from twenty-five different countries have participated in their organized events.

Performing with Shanmukha Theaters will be Sanskaar School of Dance which was founded by Guru Smt. Samidha Satyam, in January 2008. Samidha Satyam one of the prominent exponent of Guru Padma Bhushan Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam is hailed as a creative artist, who brings to every one of her items, a depth, intensity and naturalness which makes her not only a paragon among dances but the essence of dance itself. She has given this age-old art form a new dimension without compromising its traditional poetry or dramatic sensibility with rare excellence and perfection of technique. Her dance is distinguished for its exquisite abhinaya (mime), flawless sense of rhythm, depth, emotional range, sensitivity and classical purity.

As part of Sanskriti, the North Bay Hindu Center is proud and thrilled to present Shanmukha Theaters and Sanskaar School of Dance as part of our program.

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