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Expanding Expressions: Madhuri Kishore brings Kuchipudi to the Landscape of Bay Area Indian Dance

Madhuri Kishore will feature on the tabla during Sanskriti, the North Bay Hindu Center's annual festival of classical Indian dance and music, on Saturday, March 11 at the Osher Marin JCC in San Rafael. Proceeds benefit the newly inaugurated Śrī Shakti Temple in Petaluma.

Written by Rob Taylor for In Dance, the Bay Area's publication dedicated to dance:

Traversing the landscape of Indian dance forms practiced in the San Francisco Bay Area, it can be easy for the curious explorer to become overwhelmed by the variety of traditions being sustained here. There are the eight different classical traditions, all tied to the Natya Shastra, a 2,000 year-old set of texts that serves as a guidebook for creating art within Hindu culture, but each developed to have precise and important distinctions that can be hard to see initially. There are also the various threads that connect each dance to the many deities who hold court in Hindu culture. And outside of all of that, there are the many non-classical, folk dance forms like Bhangra, that have become popularized through pop culture variations. [READ MORE on In Dance]

Please join NBHC in welcoming Madhuri Kishore to Sanskriti on March 11. Make sure to buy your tickets today by clicking here.

NBHC Sanskriti Shakti Annual Festival of Classical Indian Dance and Music

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