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23rd Annual Interfaith Prayer Breakfast

NBHC's Sidharth Kaw will be one of three speakers at the Marin Interfaith Council's 23rd Annual Interfaith Prayer Breakfast, being held on Wednesday, May 11 from 8-10 AM at Congregation Kol Shofar (215 Blackfield Dr., Tiburon) for the 23rd Annual interfaith celebration of the National Day of Prayer. Come be in in community, celebrate our different faiths, as we hear from three spiritual leaders.

The theme is REUNITED.

Guest Speakers:

Rev. Bethany Nelson

The Rev. Dr. Bethany Nelson currently serves as the Associate Pastor at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Tiburon. She has been in that role for 8 years, and prior to that was the Director of Youth Ministry at Westminster for 11 years. Bethany is a past Board member and Board president of the Marin Interfaith Council. In her free time, Bethany enjoys spending time with her family - spouse, Camie, and teenaged son, Ben.

Shri Sidharth Kaw

Sidharth Kaw lives and practices Sanatana Dharma (i.e. Hinduism), with an emphasis on applying the philosophy of Vedanta (i.e. the universal philosophy in the Vedas) to our daily lives. Sidharth has served as a teacher and committee member in various capacities for Chinmaya Mission in the Bay Area and Cleveland, Ohio, and currently serves as a committee member for the North Bay Hindu Center. He has been actively involved in the 'Contemplation and Action' and 'Racial Justice' groups for the Marin Interfaith Council. A major theme of his interfaith dialogue stems from his community's experience, which highlights that supremacy is not just a problem with race, but a grave one for gender and religion. Ultimately, Sidharth seeks to enrich everyone with the knowledge of Sanatana Dharma, which he strongly believes applies philosophically to all women and men of every color and creed.

Rabbi Susan Leider

Rabbi Susan Leider is a leading West Coast voice in the Jewish and multifaith community, bringing warmth, joy and connection to Kol Shofar in Tiburon, California and beyond. At Kol Shofar, she is the first woman to hold a senior rabbinic position at a Northern California Conservative congregation. She was also the first woman to serve as Associate Rabbi at Temple Beth Am, a historic Conservative Los Angeles synagogue. She currently serves on the Executive Council of the Rabbinical Assembly and is a member of the Clergy Council of Roots, a unique network of Palestinians and Israelis who see each other as challenging the assumptions about each other, build trust and create a new discourse around conflict.

She has served on the Executive Committee of the Board of Rabbis of Northern CA, and on the board of the Marin Interfaith Council, where she helped to found “Love Lives in Marin.” She has served on the board of the Industrial Areas Foundation, the nation’s largest network of local faith and community-based organizations, responding to seemingly intractable problems, and overcoming racial, religious and socio-economic divisions.

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